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The ‘Why’ Behind Renew iv – Getting Personal with the Founder

February 1, 2022

Renew Movement™ recently launched Renew iv and the ‘why’ behind the business is both heartbreaking and inspiring. The story of how it became involves a long-fought battle against autoimmune disease, food allergies, extreme fatigue, and dozens of baffled doctors. 

The complications and realities of chronic health concerns shadow my past. Dozens of doctors, tests, supplements, and promises began to chip away at my hope while answers remained elusive. However, we’re going to look at what appears to be working, like a small unbelievable miracle. The story requires a tinge of history. History being extreme fatigue (I mean extreme), excessive sleep (10+ hours a night with supplemental 02 due to low oxygenation). I was constantly tired and rarely felt well. 

renew-iv nad therapy

(Ashley O’Connell, Owner/Founder)

Fast forward… I’ve been trying something new and (drumroll) I’m sleeping 6-7 hours a night (not always with oxygen!) AND I have energy during the day. Like, real, get things done, feel okay, kind of energy. I’m pretty sure this is how non-autoimmune people feel, possibly? Dare I say, I feel normal… even a bit spontaneous. I simultaneously feel calmer because the constant reminder of illness is no longer the lens I see the day through. 

What is it? I’m confident it’s the NAD+ (which is an iv) and injections I’ve been taking (along with iv vitamins, especially Vitamin B). I source fresh, high-quality compounded ingredients and source Vitamin C from tapioca instead of corn. I’m extra careful about ingredients and freshness, something I will never compromise on. We have a wonderful Medical Director who oversees the injections and infusions and amazing nurses who provide the services. If this resonates, Google NAD+ or reach out to our team anytime. 


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