Intramuscular Shots

Replenish essential vitamins and coenzymes quickly. An extra nutrient boost as needed.
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Vitamin B12

A common nutrient deficiency, a lack of B12 leads to fatigue, memory trouble, and more. Needed to make red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. 1000mcg

$5 (normally $30)

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 supports bone health, enhances immune capacity. D3 deficiency is difficult to detect, but also common. Limit one every two weeks. 50,000 iu


Mini NAD+

All-natural coenzyme central to metabolism cellular repair. Supports energy, brain power, age optimization, and pain reduction. 100mg – 200mg


NAD+ requires a brief medical consultation. Please call 303.467.3639 or email us at to schedule your 10 minute consultation. 

Statements provided have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. We do not diagnose, prevent or cure any medical conditions. All infusions and injections are administered by state licensed registered nurses and overseen by our Medical Director, Dr. Daniel La Perriere, a board certified MD, Certified Functional Medicine practitioner through the IFM and Founder of Colorado Concierge Functional Medicine. Some health conditions contraindicate the use of our products. Please consult your physician before beginning injections of any kind.