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“A phenomenal experience booking my appt, filling out pre appt paperwork and the actual appointment. Everything I experienced was of first class quality and professionalism. I’ll be back!!”

Carolyn B.


What our customers are saying…

​”​I have been training for a 100 mile ultra cycling gravel race. In preparation for the race I have been getting regular ivs – Myer’s Cocktails with glutathione (1x week). I saw increases in my power numbers with every subsequent iv during training. The race was more intense than anticipated; people were quitting at every aide station from fatigue. My energy through the race was consistent and I didn’t bonk. I finished stronger than anticipated and I attribute that to the amazing hydration and supplementation from Renew iv.”​

Superior , Co

​My physical capacity is my livelihood. I have always looked for ways to stay ahead of the aging and soreness that comes with being very active. I have found iv therapy, specifically glutathione and NAD+ to be the ‘unfair advantage’ I have been looking for. I aim to get at least one injection once a month and it seems to be doing the trick so far in keeping me going stronger and longer.”

Superior , Co

​“I’ve got about six irons in the fire that are all equally very significant and important. All six need to have my attention daily to meet some tight deadlines.

That being said— I’ve been getting NAD+ shots at Renew iv in Louisville as my sole Lyme treatment currently, and I just have to give a HUGE testimony for the efficacy of NAD+.

Normally I’d be bedridden from the overwhelm of my six important irons in the fire. But nope. I am ALIVE. I am capable of juggling my life and priorities without falling apart. And after my shot today, I realized that I needed a mental health day. So I bought massive amounts of flowers, plants/food/herbs for my patio, and I spent 4.5 straight hours in the soil, reconnecting to my core. How am I not beyond exhausted and dead inside from all that labor? NAD+.

So basically, I want to suggest to all my friends with Lyme, please look into it! Research it, find a way to get it and get your energy and mental clarity back.

Lafayette , Co

“​I have had several B12 shots at Renew iv since they opened Renew iv.
Not only is the staff friendly and helpful but the surroundings are bright and welcoming. Another huge plus is I am feeling great with lots of additional energy!”

Lafayette , Co

​The first time I got an NAD+ shot I felt so energized that I went on a run… let me say I am NOT a runner and only jog for 1-2 miles tops. I skipped my morning coffee for the next week and felt so productive! In a packed week of school and work, I found time to call my parents, workout, and even sit down to read a book. I’m able to remember all the little details that normally seem to slip from my brain and I can even get MORE done. I love how NAD+ helps me to function and feel my best.”

Denver , Co