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Tag: a1c

Drop in Triglycerides, Drop in A1C

We have another client who has impressive blood work changes after starting IVs. Here’s the scoop.
Client is 68 and female. Had chronically high triglycerides, hypertension, and struggles with A1C and pre-diabetic blood markers. In 25 years of medication and food modification she has never seen improvements like this. Client reports reduction (she claims it has been an “elimination”) in joint pain and arthritis and improved sleep. 

  • Triglycerides went from 173 (high) to 138 (normal)
  • A1C went from 6.8 to 5.9 
  • First draw was August 12th 2021
  • Second draw was October 19th 2021
  • She gets Thrive bags 1x monthly with NAD+ 250mg
  • She combines her IVs with intermittent fasting

At Renew iv we don’t make medical claims nor do we give medical advice. The client who shared the above blood work results felt their IVs have had a positive impact on their blood work.

nad+ therapy and cholesterol